• 5 Reasons Why Self Storage is a Good Idea


    Thinking Out Of The Box - Unusual Self Storage Ideas

    Everyone knows the benefits of self-storage units, but few people know how to turn a self-storage unit into a money-saving or profit-making enterprise. Here are some unusual self-storage tips that could make or save you some money:

    1. Office Space

    I want to work from home and just don't have space or the peace and quiet required to get your work done, set up an office in a storage unit. It is much cheaper than hiring office space, and you can use furniture from your home to outfit the unit at no extra cost.

    You can also use the unit, in a limited capacity to make products related to your business. This enterprise may, however, be restricted as you will not be able to manufacture any goods that require chemical processes or could result in a fire hazard. Read the terms and conditions of your self-storage agreement to find out what you can and cannot do.

    2. Rent A Room

    If you have an extra or spare room that is sitting empty and never in use, store the furniture it contains and rent it out. However, you need to ensure that the rental amount exceeds the storage hire fees make sure that you are making a profit.

    3. Split The Costs

    If you need a storage unit on a long-term basis but don't need all the space in the unit, offer to split the costs with friends or family members who also require storage. While this may not be a money making the venture, it will minimize the costs of storing your goods.

    4. Empty Your Garage

    If you aren't using your garage to park your car but primarily to store unused goods, empty the space and send the goods to a storage unit. You can then rent out the parking space to a neighbor or another owner or tenant in your building complex.

    5. Short Term Vs. Long-Term Storage

    Did you know that you are likely to pay a lower rate if you hire a storage unit for a longer term? Even if you only require the unit for a few days or weeks, you can opt for a longer term and hand over space to someone else to cover the fees for the time left in the agreement where you won'apos;t need the space.